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WMV Irrigation Contract & Pricing
As the grass starts to green up we at WMV Enterprises will be out starting up and running through your irrigation systems to prepare them for the up coming season.  This is a time when we often discover repair needs and can identify upgrade opportunities for your irrigation system.
Irrigation systems are exposed to all sorts of common wear and tear, and most components have a life span of 5 years.  With proper maintenance and winterization, you can expect some heads and valves to need replacement each spring.
Some common causes of irrigation component failure are:
Physical damage from vehicles, foot traffic, and construction work
Clogged lines and heads
General wear and tear on moving parts
Excessive stress due to local climate and heaving of the ground during freeze and thaw cycles
With all the new technology we will work through our start ups and inspections and will be looking beyond routine repairs to identify opportunities to make upgrades to ensure that your systems are running as efficiently as possible